Transform and Inspire

At the McElroy Trust we invest in opportunities that
inspire and transform young people in northeast Iowa.


August Grant Highlight:  McGregor and Marquette are scenic places to view the Mississippi River, and spectacular locations to take in autumn leaves.  McGregor and Marquette are also a great home for artists.

The McElroy Trust funds afterschool programs at the McGregor-Marquette Center for the Arts.  Each spring, the art center and shop on Main Street in McGregor bustles with dozens of young artists who explore painting, sculpture, paper mache and fabric craft.  Funding from the McElroy Trust supports an art teacher and supplies.  A partnership with the MFL-MarMac School District makes sure that students have transportation to the Center.  Of course, like many great projects, volunteers help bring all of the pieces together and support the artists.

Congratulations to the Art Center for this great project.  The McElroy Trust is proud to be involved.

About the McElroy Trust:

  • Kid Focused:  We have only ONE business: inspiring and transforming northeast Iowa’s kids.
  • Entrepreneurial:  Our board, made up of entrepreneurial and committed Iowans, works hard to find the best ways to inspire and transform kids.
  • Independent:  We value our independence as a private foundation.  We use this independence to make smart choices that push our kids & community forward.
  • Forever:  The McElroy Trust will go on forever.  Yet, each day, we work with urgency to find to better ways to help and inspire kids in northeast Iowa.
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