Transform and Inspire

The McElroy Trust invests in opportunities that inspire and transform young people in northeast Iowa.

About the McElroy Trust:

  • Kid Focused:  We have only ONE business: inspiring and transforming northeast Iowa’s kids.
  • Entrepreneurial:  Our board, made up of entrepreneurial and committed Iowans, works hard to find the best ways to inspire and transform kids.
  • Independent:  We value our independence as a private foundation.  We use this independence to make smart choices that push our kids & community forward.
  • Forever:  The McElroy Trust will go on forever.  Yet, each day, we work with urgency to find to better ways to help and inspire kids in northeast Iowa.
  •  Learn more about our Point of View!



2014 intern Emily Hanson, now the Executive Director of the Waterloo School Foundation


September 1, 2017:
Are you awesome?  Want to lend your talent to an important cause? Ever have a teacher make a difference in your life?  Check out our Gold Star Internship.  Resumes and application assignment are due by 11:59pm September 20, 2017.

August 16, 2017:
The McElroy Trust is pausing our grant process.  We will not accept grant requests again until October 2017.  At that time we will start accepting grant requests via an online application system. (Don’t worry, we’re working hard to keep the application simple).   The pause gives us a chance to make sure our new system helps your organization put its best foot forward and is easy to use. Check back for announcements and let us know if you’d like to be a test-user.



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