How to Request Funds

To request funds from the R.J. McElroy Trust follow three simple steps.

Step One:  Get to know us!
1.  Review the eligibility guidelines before beginning your application.
2.  Before you begin writing please talk to a staff member at the McElroy Trust.   Call 319-287-9102 or contact us by email.  We ask you to do this so we can learn more about the project and offer some friendly advice.

Step Two:  Send us a ONE-page letter!
Submit a one page letter to the McElroy Trust describing your need for funding.
We’d love to save your time and resources, so please just send us one page!

What to include in your one-page letter:
1.  Your contact information (address, phone and email).
2.  Your organization’s federal tax ID number.
3.  A description of your project, program or endeavor.  (Remember to include the number of young people who will be served.)
4.  Your funding request, the total cost of the project, and other donors to the project.

Tip to make your request stand out!
Use W I D E margins (at least one inch on all sides), and LARGE font (at least 12 point). We know you have a lot to tell us!
We also know that requests with fewer words usually result in more clarity for the reader – and less squinting!

You are welcome to submit either a hard copy or an electronic copy.
Electronic copies should be sent to office @

Step Three:  We’ll send you an answer! 
(A)  First, we’ll send you an email to let you know your request made it to our office!  We never want your good idea to be lost in the mail or cyberspace.   If you have not heard from us within a few days of submission please contact  We’ll also let you know when you can expect a response.

(B)  Second, after our Board of Trustees reviews your proposal we’ll send you a response that:

1. Approves your request for funding
2. Asks for more information to help us make a decision
3. Denies your request for funding

For more information about deadlines and response times click here.