The next generation of philosophers, scientists, inventors, and professors; that’s who we support in the McElroy Trust Fellowship Program.  Each year two recent graduates from northeast Iowa colleges are awarded $30,000 to pursue a Ph.D.  In the first 30 years of the program, we’ve interviewed more than 200 candidates, and provided $1.25 million to 60 recipients.

The McElroy Trust Fellowship program, established in 1983, is designed to “encourage persons of accomplishment, intelligence, integrity, and leadership ability to pursue challenging academic careers.”  Specifically, the Fellowship supports students who are pursuing a Ph.D.  

Again this year, the R.J. McElroy Trust will  select two Fellowship recipients from among graduates of nine colleges in Northeast Iowa.  Based upon satisfactory progress toward a Ph.D. degree, the stipend of $10,000 may be renewed for two additional years, for a total of$30,000. (Click here for details about the process and criteria.)

The McElroy Fellowship program has operated for 30 years.

Infographic Fellowship Totals

Over 30 years, 34 McElroy Fellowship recipients have completed their Ph.D.
Another 11 Fellowship recipients are still pursuing their goal.