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The McElroy Trust invests in opportunities that
inspire and transform
young people in northeast Iowa.

The McElroy Trust is introducing an online portal for grant submission.   Once we review your letter of intent, you’ll be invited to submit an application or we will provide feedback about your request.  Preview the questions you’ll be asked in the system:  LOI and Application.

Grant Highlight: We’re proud to be part of the work of Cedar Valley Readers. Cedar Valley Readers is a collaborative community initiative to encourage young children to improve their reading skills by the end of 3rd grade.

In May, 352 students at Irving Elementary were given free eye exams and 29 students received 2 pairs of glasses. This was an exciting event and part of the larger Vision to Learn initiative within the Waterloo Community School District. Across the district, 258 students received glasses. It made us think about how challenging it must be to learn when you can’t see the board in class. The students were able to pick out their own frames and were smiling ear to ear!

Cedar Valley Readers is part of the national Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

KWWL & KCRG news networks also covered the event at Irving Elementary.

About the McElroy Trust:

  • Kid-Focused:  We have only ONE business: inspiring and transforming northeast Iowa’s kids.
  • Entrepreneurial:  Our board, made up of entrepreneurial and committed Iowans, works hard to find the best ways to inspire and transform kids.
  • Independent:  We value our independence as a private foundation.  We use this independence to make smart choices that push our kids & community forward.
  • Forever:  The McElroy Trust will go on forever.  Yet, each day, we work with urgency to find better ways to help and inspire kids in northeast Iowa.
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