The R.J. McElroy Trust was founded in 1965 and is located in Waterloo, Iowa. The benefactor was R.J. McElroy, a pioneer Iowa broadcaster. In 1947, McElroy founded the Black Hawk Broadcasting Company and put radio station KWWL on the air. That was followed by KWWL TV and several other radio and television stations. McElroy died in 1965 and made provision in his will for the establishment of a trust fund, the proceeds of which are to be used for the educational benefit of deserving young people.

Since then, the Trust has funded a broad range of educational programs – including scholarships, fellowships, internships, student loan funds and numerous other projects to benefit youth of all ages. Literally thousands of young people in northeastern Iowa thank R.J. McElroy for the influence he has had in their lives. His strong commitment to youth and education has extended far beyond his lifetime to the enormous benefit of many, many young people. To see that this vision is continued for years to come is the responsibility of the R.J. McElroy Board of Trustees.